Board In Brief

501(c)(3) Application Submitted

Following our first quarter board meeting, our application for charitable status from the IRS was submitted. Once approved, all donations made to our organization from our date of incorporation forward will be tax deductible.

MyTransitionPartner Under Review

The board has appointed a subcommittee of the executive committee to review the foundation’s programs. Currently, the program review subcommittee is conducting a page-by-page review of checking for accuracy, readability, and functioning links. Once the review process is complete, we will begin the process of appointing a program coordinator to oversee MyTransitionPartner and begin the process of advertising the program on social media.

DJC Fund Approved by Board of Trustees

The board has approved a plan submitted by the CEO forming a new program, Dignity, Justice, and Courage Fund (DJC Fund), to provide transition assistance grants to transgender individuals in the state of North Dakota. The board indicated a desire to start similar funds in other rural US states once sustainable donor bases are established.

Volunteer Vacancies

Fundraising Coordinators 

Fundraising coordinators are responsible for establishing connections in the community and raising funds for foundation programs. Answers to CFO. Looking for coordinators in: North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Social Media Coordinators 

Social media coordinator are responsible for creating and posting content to various social media platforms and responding to electron communication. Answers to CVO. Location: United States.

Apply online at ►

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