Navigating Transition Is Easier with a Partner

A common question those new to the transition process ask is “where do I start?” Because transgender identity is looked down upon in our society, many transgender people don’t even know who they are, what they are, and even if what they feel is normal. We are seeking to end the confusion through our flagship program: MyTransitionPartner. This program is billed as the “welcome center of the transition journey.” Our goal with this program is to help transgender folk find the answers they seek about their identity and the support they need in their local community. Because so many transgender folk are isolated, especially in rural areas, MyTransitionPartner is designed as a virtual welcome center based entirely online and managed by transgender folk, and their allies, around the United States.

How We Help Trans Individuals

MyTransitionPartner contains over 180 pages of articles discussing everything from the basic terminology of gender identity to purchasing clothing. Additionally, we’ve compiled a directory of local support organizations in each state OR linked to the best online directory we can find. We don’t intend for this resource to be a long-term helper, just to be a friendly place where people can find a transition partner for the long-term in their local community. ►

How We Help Family and Friends

MyTransitionPartner is unique in that we are also designed for loved ones. Transitioning is something that everyone connected with a transgender person has to do along with their loved one. Our guide is co-designed by trans individuals and their loved ones to better assist parents, spouses, siblings, friends, and family members understand what their loved one is going through and how they can help. Moreover, we provide links to local support organizations for loved ones so they can get help to better support their loved one. ►

How We Help Our Communities

MyTransitionPartner also contains resources for allies who wish to make their communities more open and affirming for their transgender friends, family, and neighbors. With over four hours of free and low-cost training videos, we are one step closer to making the world a safer, more affirming place for our transgender loved ones. ►

How You Can Help

While our flagship program, MyTransitionPartner does not cost a lot to maintain from year-to-year. All funds set aside for MyTransitionPartner help to keep the website online, make improvements to the content, and provide resources for volunteers and staff to travel to do presentations and in-person trainings. The annual cost of MyTransitionPartner is approximately $300 per 6 months. Your monthly donation ensures that this resource remains available for years to come.

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